About Us

Founded in Korea in 1987, SOYA IND. Co., Ltd. does business with some of the most recognized department stores, toy stores, gift shops and candy stores in both domestic and international markets, including Europe, United States, South America, Asia and Russia. For almost three decades, SOYA IND. Co., Ltd. has been producing and exporting a diverse range of stuffed toys and is now recognized as one of the high quality manufacturers of stuffed toys in the world. Our global headquarters in Korea serve as the main business hub to facilitate all aspects of sales, design, marketing, pre-production, manufacturing, distribution and accounting. In terms of manufacturing services, SOYA IND. Co., Ltd. utilizes our own factory plants in China and Cambodia.

Operating our own manufacturing facilities allows SOYA IND. Co., Ltd. to procure the safest and high quality materials. In response to ever growing competitive industry, SOYA IND. Co., Ltd. adopted a culture of “safety and high quality innovation,” and aggressively sought to continually procure materials that are safe to children while keeping a clear focus on maintaining the highest industry standards. We have always accomplished this objective which resulted in passing every safety tests.  Most notable is SOYA IND. Co., Ltd.’s life-size real animal stuffed toys designed and developed in-house. Since distributing our specialty life-size stuffed animals to major department stores, SOYA IND. Co., Ltd. has enjoyed a marked increase in brand recognition, which has consequently led to expanded distribution of our products in the international markets.

The common element running through all of our businesses is operation and production management. Yet, we believe each product has its own complexities and demands requiring sophisticated lifelike details and high quality production. For more than 27 years, SOYA IND. Co., Ltd. has utilized our internal and confidential design and manufacturing methods, which means our company has the capability to meet your specifications and produce high quality, lifelike stuffed animals. Our philosophy has remained the same – to make lifelike plush animal that is sure to be a family favorite for years to come. Meet us at major international toy fairs including Germany and New York!